You can find the list of ingredients for each product on within the individual product pages. Below are the effective ingredients we use in our products.


Vitamin A is an essential vitamin that contributes to the health of skin and scalp by helping to promote the blood’s oxygen circulation. Increased oxygen circulation to the scalp helps it obtain the vital nutrients your hair needs to be longer and stronger. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin A helps to ensure your hair is protected from problems such as excessive shedding and hair loss. Vitamin A is also known for its ability to moisturise the scalp by supporting your body’s natural oil production helping to prevent a dry scalp.


Kitty Rebel contains several B vitamins including B5, B6, and B12. B5 helps to promote healthy hair growth by supporting your hairs natural keratin and helps to replace hair that has been lost due to excessive shedding or breakage. B6 contributes to hair loss prevention by helping your body bring oxygen to the scalp prompting your follicles to produce healthier hair. B12 supports your body’s energy processes helping to form red blood cells which are responsible for feeding oxygen to your scalp resulting in stronger hair with an increased growth.


Vitamin C is essential for your body to develop collagen; a naturally occurring protein that is vital for healthy, stronger hair. Collagen contains anti-oxidant properties which helps to protect your scalp from damage caused by organisms known as free radicals which can cause hair loss and harm.


Biotin, a B vitamin, is one of the most important vitamins that plays a role in promoting healthy hair growth. It supports the health of your scalp by producing essential fatty acids. Deficiency in fatty acids can cause dry scalp, flaky skin, dandruff, brittle hair or eczema which in turn can all lead to hair loss. Taking biotin also boosts your hairs keratin production giving your healthier and stronger hair. The powerful combination of biotin with other B vitamins will help to fight hair loss and breakage.


Folic Acid works very well with biotin and helps balance the metabolic activity of the body, blood formation and blood flow. A balanced blood flow is required to circulate oxygen and nutrients into weak hair follicles. Folic acid also contributes to the body’s transformation of energy and amino acid synthesis.


Kitty Rebel contains several B Vitamins. Several of Kitty Rebel products contain B5, B6, B9 and B12. Vitamin B6 helps your body form cells and bring oxygen to your scalp helping your hair follicles produce healthier hair. When taken with Zinc, the two work together to help block a substance in our bodies called DHT, which can cause hair loss. B5 helps replace hair that was lost due to excessive shedding or breakage.


Zinc is a mineral that has many advantages for hair and skin. One of zinc's most important benefits to the hair is that zinc helps maintain a normal level of the human hormone in the blood, energy production and the body's protein formation. Because the hair cycle depends on normal cellular reproduction and protein build-up, a lack of zinc can lead to hair loss and hair thinning.

These are just some of the awesome nutrients and ingredients found in Kitty Rebel yummy chewy vitamins.